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We boost your sales with new b2b customers

Outsourcing your B2B sales or rather supporting your sales with a sales agency can lead to a long-term optimization of a company's profit. AS Concepts' clients benefit form our strategic approach to contact new clients and prospects for your company. With our team we can hold qualitative and personal talks with decision-makers and increase your success. Our approach of contacting prospects is underpinned by in-depth analysis of your product or services and it is our top priority to contact new clients in the most professional way. Our actions are based on structural, innovative concepts, which can be customized to our clients needs.

Classic or additive sales outsourcing – customized to company structure

We are the ideal and forward-looking support for your sales. We take care of your telemarketing, which presents a good opportunity for boosting a companies profit, especially for Start-Ups, which do not have sales department yet. We are a smart solution if you want to support your B2B sales department. We approach new clients efficiently. If necessary, we can also train your sales force or restructure it, after analyzing your approaches and goals. Here we focus on your strategy and develop short- and long-term goals. Whether you outsource your sales partially or fully, we implement new strategies, in order to successfully boost your sales department.

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We determine which approaches should be taken to boost your sales.

We analyze your B2B targets and collect relevant data

We develop an action plan including controlling components

We define a time schedule for all sales measurements

We calculate the cost-benefit ratio

We identify decision-makers and opinion formers

Planning and course of action

Clients benefit from our service as they have flexibility in fixed and personnel costs. Our service can be modified during seasonal highs or lows. With our profound knowledge we also represent an opportunity to introduce fresh concepts in your sales team. Cold-acquisition is our main specialty and acquiring new clients is part of our day-to-day business. In our specialty – B2B sales – we know that it is important to make a positive first impression before concentrate on the needs and demands of decision-makers. Many companies are focus less on initial contacts and their sales team prioritize “farming”, i.e. taking care of existing customers. Our focus is on new clients, but depending on your demands we can combine the support of existing clients with the acquisition of new clients.

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Benefit from our specialty

Our team comprises sales specialists who like to think outside the box, where they have the space for creativity and developing new ideas for your sales. Our clients benefit from new concepts and telesales strategies which can be adapted to different products and industries. The question here is if you wish our support additive, temporarily or fully. All options are possible, contact us now for a individual consultation.