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Cold calling requires the right staff, budget and time. Today, there are limitless ways of contacting companies to sell their own product, but some companies simply lack the resources to do so. In addition, the digital age has washed up countless companies, all offering the "best and newest product". Due to the multitude of confrontations - regardless of whether they are good or bad - the decision-maker don't have easy tasks; it is a tough fight for his best: his turnover! - Whether products are in competition or not. That is why it is not easy to meet open ears. A good product is far from being a matter of fact - many companies misjudge this and fail to see the benefits for themselves. With our creative, innovative and anything but conventional methods, we gain new customers for your business. The success of our cold-calling campaigns is based on 3 effective sales approaches.

Approach # 1: Market Analysis and market strategies

We find the most promising marketing route
In order to be successful, we firstly develop a strategy, which is adapted to the respective situations of our client. Every industry, every product, every service, every target group or every company item as such works differently. The data for market analyzes are taken from statistical sources and linked to reliable targets. A market analysis, including all the resulting challenges, provides a fundamental basis for examining the most important and successful sales factors and establishing an individual sales strategy in the course of cold calling. With our analytic approach, we create A-types and segments and build a pipeline with valuable targets. In addition, our market analyzes provide accurate figures about the current state of the market, allowing for a more accurate definition of targets. From all the data, we develop your unique selling points, target group definitions and sales arguments to bring your product to the right customers with the utmost planning.

Approach # 2: The Communication Pattern

The sales concept 3.0 with built-in navigation system
The elaboration of the communication pattern of telephone acquisition is an ongoing process; a steady improvement in pitching, promoting or selling products or services. It is similar to the preparation of a telephone guide, only more deatiled, professional and multi-dimensional. The authenticity, individuality and intensity of the sales pitch thus always takes place at the highest level and thus meets our qualitative focus. Our communication patterns simply define what, when, how, with what intensity and rhetoric to whom to say what, in order to achieve exactly what is necessary to reach the next level in cold calling. The daily experience with products and services from various industries as well as our love of communication and the fun of dealing with people in the sales department help us to do so.

Approach # 3: New customer appointments

We organize appointments with prospects.
Do you want appointments with a handful of interested decision-makers, who are optimally advised, educated, motivated and prepared ? You want the interest of appointments to be measurable even before they happen? - Then we are the right ones for you! We acquire high-quality appointments with decision-makers who have the greatest chance of concluding a business. Whether small, medium-sized, large or huge companies, we have already successfully terminated everywhere and across all industries. We also like to convince you of our talent!
Our most important feature: We don't talk to the companies, but talk to the people behind the companies. This creates our basis for a pleasant conversation atmosphere and cold calling. A defining aspect of our work in scheduling is the communication of information that will be revealed to the potential customer and at which point there may be something "surprising" about it. We put your product in the best possible light and the listener will want to learn more about your product to a large extent before meeting you! Best of all: We classify the interest of the customers in three levels of intensity, so that the quality and the interest of the appointments can be measured even before taking place.

Our claim is to establish a relationship with the called party very quickly on the cold call and to get an appointment immediately - usually we succeed!

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