Customer acquisition with AS Concepts Sales Automation

New B2B customer acquisition

Wondering how you can attract big companies?

We know the ideal door opener in the B2B sector. Our full-service offers a combination of direct telephone marketing with e-mail and online campaigns for the acquisition of B2B clients. Trust in our sales and marketing concepts..

We build the bridge between product and demand

You want appointments with interested B2B companies, who are optimally advised, informed, motivated and prepared and therefore have a serious interest in your product? You want the interest of prospects to be measurable even before they happen? - Then we are the right ones for you!

We do your acquisition and provide you with high-quality appointments with decision makers with great chances of concluding a deal. Whether small, medium-sized, large or huge companies, we have already successfully terminated across several industries. We also like to convince you of our talent in winning new clients!

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Direct contact with decision makers

With our know-how we can identify companies which are interested in your product or service and the respective decision-maker. We work very effectively, as most of our calls create at least attention and interest in our client’s product or service. We forward this contact to our clients, so that they can have a sales talk with an interested prospect.

Our clever communication patterns, create awareness during our calls and should the company be a target group they will be interested in your products or services. This way we can deliver you appointments with interested prospects. We present your product in the best possible manner and classify the clients interest, so that you can prepare for your sales pitch with very valuable information. However, our goal is not the organization of appointments, but the selling of our client’s product and the closing of deals. Therefore we build a client relationship for your company and you only need to close the deal.

New Prospects

Acquiring new clients through telemarketing is an efficient way to start new businesses and cooperation. Today, the phone ranks as an advertising medium, about 5 times higher compared to Radio + TV and almost double compared to the newspaper. That is why we choosed to specialisze in calling B2B cold calling and preparing them for the first contact. You will receive contacts who have already been extensively informed by us and who are measurably interested in your product or service.

We set standards in client acquisition

Our sales campaigns in B2B start with a targeted planning and are measurable. Our foundation is a communication concept, which serves as the basis for our cold-acquisition objectives. The approach is designed to engage with decision-makers on a personal level, keeping the success rate of cold calling as high as possible, so you can benefit from many new clients.

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