We make you a sales expert
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Sales coaching and trainings

Coaching for start-ups

We enjoy supporting start-ups by building a sales department. We are your partner from finding the right prospects to initiate the first calls.

Sales semantic

Words and pronunciation are very important in sales. We support start-ups to develop a persuasive voice.

Sales marketing

We teach you how you can present your product and your company in the best way and develop a pitch for your sales force.

Future strategy

Your sales are very important for your company’s success. Therefore we like to cooperate long-term and set a long-lasting strategy for your sales area.

The most important steps


The basics of sales – theory and practice

Sales is a way to communicate information but also to debate. In our coaching we teach all participants every step of sales and cold acquisition.

In our coaching you learn how to keep a structured pitch and to argument so that you can convince your prospects in cold calls and personal sales conversation.

Rhetoric and Argumentation

Sales representatives should react to objections and use them feed the conversation with the client. In our learnings we teach our participants how to handle prospects, which don’t have an open ear for at the beginning.

The difficulty during a pitch is to counter every objection with an understandable and a rational argument. We help you create a sales pitch, which is flexible and how to react with prospect’s objections.


Exchanging knowledge

All participants can partake on 12 different training modules. In a 4-hour workshops, which take place monthly, we go through all the modules. The content will be taught in small and personal groups and can be used in practice.

We will teach the content in a way that the participators can share their knowledge with their coworkers.

  • Participators will take part on 12 different modules, incl. documents and material
  • Tasks for every module, which the participators will master
  • Clear definition of tasks along a smart action plan
  • Content can be used immediately
  • Direct feedback from sales coach
  • Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten auf den Punkt gebracht
  • Individual sales coaching; 45 minutes per participator
  • Additional coaching’s can be booked
  • Certificate including performance record

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