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Sales specialists with passion.

Pure cold calling and telemarketing.

Globalization and the worldwide web have changed market competition. Companies have been exposed to ever-increasing price and it is getting tougher while margins are falling. The market reacts with low budgets and low investments. Thus, the sales efforts for companies increases in order to acquire new partners and clients. Affected companies search for solutions to build new partnerships. A highly efficient sale structure is indispensable. But how do you do this? - An effective approach is to outsource certain parts of sales.

With AS Concepts GmbH as your partner, you can concentrate on your core business and core competencies. When everyone does what they do best, the likelihood of achieving their overall goals increases. In addition, specialized sales units are experienced in multiple industries, faster, more flexible and thus more economical. We stand for (fast) success and flexible loyalty models and thus minimize your risk when investing in sales.


Experts in cold calling

Nightmare for others, passion for us.
  • Average success rate of our cold-acquisition campaigns97%
  • With our AS Concepts sales strategy we acquire binding dates for you with decision-makers. Our sales campaigns are individually tailored to your target group and thus enable a precise approach in B2B cold calling. Every acquisition phone call is made with the highest claim to success.

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Success due to a precise concept.

We do sales predictable and measurable!
  • Successful calls followed by a second contact87%
  • Based on extensive market analyzes, we build a pipeline that we professionally turn into binding appointments with new clients. Our cold-acquisition campaigns elaborate patterns that reduce as many wastage as possible in addressing the target groups. We track the interest of your new customers and pave the way for a successful sales campaign.


More new customers

When it comes to cold calling, we do not waste any time with the lower levels of companies and fight our way to talk to a B2B decision maker as quickly as possible. We pave the way for you to significant prospects, who are about to conclude the purchase.


More resources

Save valuable resources and plan directly with new clients without doing the initial contacting. We look for prospects and prepare them for the upcoming conversation with you. You only have to convince the client.